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"Coaching for a Personal Best Performance"



For more than 20 years KRH Consulting has provided work performance coaching services to some of the top employers in the U.S. — helping them develop some of their finest people, as well as assisting them in working through many challenging and difficult personnel situations.


Specifically KRH Consulting is of greatest benefit to your organization when you:


  • want to assure that a newly hired person gets off to a quick and solid start,


  • have an employee with the potential for a higher level position but who needs some polishing before moving up,


  • have team members or partners who need to improve the effectiveness of their work together,


  • need assistance to develop a valued employee — someone you really want to keep but whose performance is slipping,


  • wish to avoid litigation when a claim or the threat of a lawsuit arises among employees (individual coaching combined with mediation have proven quite successful in situations where harassment or discrimination was an issue) and/or


  • when you want to enhance your own performance.


KRH Consulting has a proven track record of enhancing the success and satisfaction of over 450 individuals, and dozens of teams in excess of 195 different companies and organizations in North America and Europe.