No two people are the same, so every KRH coaching engagement is designed to meet the unique needs of the client and the organization.


The KRH Approach, developed by Kenton R. Hill, assists clients in moving from assessment to action. The client, coach, and in some cases, the client's manager collaboratively develop a plan to address the specific needs of the situation. Typically the coach guides the parties involved through a six phase process:


— Mutual Commitment

— Data Gathering

— Feedback and Discussion

— Action Plan

— Coaching

— Evaluation of Results


This assessment-based approach relies on gathering pertinent data through a triangulated process.


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Once gathered, the results are shared with the client in writing and through in-depth feedback and discussion sessions with the coach.


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Together, the client and the coach (serving in roles as a consultant, a counselor, as well as a coach) move through the assessment, awareness, and action phases to design and carry out a personalized, results-based performance enhancement plan.


The use of a skilled, professional, outside coach creates an objective, confidential, safe environment where the client can risk an honest assessment, and can practice and acquire the desired skills and behaviors.


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